City Line Driving School

For 16 Year Olds

For 16 Year Olds

Do you want to get your learner’s permit & license? Follow these three steps!
  1. First, begin studying for the written test. City-Line offers written test preparation. Usually, the DMV or your local school will give the test to sophomores.
  2. After you pass your written test and receive a blue card, you can show this card to the DMV to obtain a learner’s permit. In New Jersey, state law requires accompaniment by a licensed driving school. After a short vision test, you will receive your learner’s permit!
  3. Finally, complete six hours behind the wheel with a licensed instructor. At age 17, you may take your driving test, and we wish you the best of luck! NOTE: Please try to schedule your driving test 3 or more months in advance. Spots fill up VERY quickly.

Door to Door Service

For your convenience, we will even pick up and drop off from your house at the scheduled times.

Dual Break Cars

For the safety of our student drivers, our cars have a dual break system installed. When necessary, the instructor can intervene and slow or stop the vehicle to ensure safety.

Affordable Instruction + Flexible Schedule

We work with you to ensure affordable courses for your budget and price range. We are also available 7 days a week!